Wellhead Protection

…SDWA (safe drinking water act) of 1974…mandates State wellhead protection programs (1986 amendment)…establishment of wellhead protection for public water supplies through Minnesota Rules 1998…


• Adoption of initial plan 2005
• Infrastructure improvements include 300,000 gal. storage replacing older structure
• Replacing valves to create loop in the system
• Develop plans to extend 12" main to downtown
• Developing plans w/ MNDOT to replace 8 blocks of aged utilities downtown
• Work with County and City for environmental protection cosiderations in wellhead protection area
• Approved mining ordinance to protect wellhead protection area 2007
• Communicate with property owners about Class V injection wells
• Support waste pesticide and container collections
• Preliminary inspection of SSTS inside wellhead protection area through records search
• Monitoring protection area for new storage tanks and develop educational information for landowners
• Communicate with adjacent local governments requesting their cooperation and recognition of the City's wellhead protection area
• Annually review wellhead protection area for new potential contaminant sources and monitor setbacks
• Work with MDH, MNDOT & SWCD to address storm-water containment for runoff from Hwy 55
• Develop storm water management plan for City
• Work with landowners on storage tank issues inside of the protection area
• Post awareness signs on protection area borders
• Develop administrative review process for land use activity in protection area